Friday, March 25, 2011

Earthquake Drill

Okay … about our Earthquake drill in our school in Bloomfield it's really important to know what to do
when there is an Earthquake … ohhh come one that's why we have our Earthquake drill in our school in Bloomfield Academy …. When the Earthquake drill starts all Bloomfeildian's didn't really expected it there are a lot of people in the classrooms and many people were eating in the canteen including my classmates but the Earthquake Drill was Very Successful because all the students really cooperate with the school's Earthquake drill like the people in the canteen left there food to participate in the school's Earthquake
Drill even that's an Earthquake Drill that's why the Earthquake drill in our school …. When the Earthquake Drill happen I was Helping Mam Jacinth post pictures for our organization chart in CAT and when sir Riegh alarm the Bell we immediately do the Duck "Cover and Hold"……. Now I want to thank Sir weng sir riegh sir sunny especially for our supportive and very energetic principal Ms Elsie for making this Earthquake drill in Bloomfield a successful one once again thank you and may you will always guide your students in Bloomfield and may you have more blessings to come so.

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